#Multimedia Designing for the tablet age

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The Inner Circle online magazine was the culmination of several years of hard work – from redesigning the print based magazine to ensuring consistency of quality in the writing and design across 4 years of development. to finally achieving the creation of the first app-based interactive magazine for the publication and the client.

The challenge here was not to be over-awed by the technology and attempt to fit everything into a single magazine but to select the best of the available technology and utilise it. So video, image galleries, way finding, connectivity to social media and animation all played a significant part in the development. However, at the heart of the publication this still had to feel like a valuable and trusted friend and therefore the creative styling, that has guided much of the decision making of the magazine, was maintained throughout. This was both an education in development and a challenge to relish.


#Infographics Running, designing and meeting in the middle


As well as designing I run – and so on a not so sunny June afternoon I thought it might be rather nifty to put together some of the running data that I have accumulated over the last couple of years in an interesting fashion. I decided to put it all together in an infographic that could convey the magnitude of my running exploits and the absurd amount of time and energy that goes into it. It turns out that there are lots of useful and useless bits of run data that I could use and I will be producing this as a series of infographic documents over the next few months to highlight my ever evolving love of running.


#GraphicDesign The words are important, make them shine

This 250+ page report was the pinnacle of two years of research into Europe and the UK. With a series of high profile figures from Europe and the continent it was vital that the presentation was both premium but also understated. The briefing although light on detail was clear in its intent and especially its deadline as  the United Kingdom’s part in European Union was under intense scrutiny and this document more than ever seemed well timed and uniquely positioned.

I was provided only with a series of assets ranging from scanned in tables and low resolution photographs to unusually formatted Word documents. I immediately understood that all of the charts would need to be made uniform (more than 75 of them) and that a simple typographic handling was going to be most effective due to the way in which the various contributors had managed their own content. The challenge here was going to be in building the prestige. It needed to look prestigious but also very serious and not look out of place amongst other equally valuable pieces – all the while though the book needed to play to the recently redeveloped brand.

The solution was a simple black, white and red colour palette (this was very much used to convey sections as well as hierarchy and aesthetic) this was all combined with a series of elegant charts that littered the document and was brought together using expansive but equally simple introduction pages to each of the books essays.

The cover is worth note as something of a battleground due to the fact that the client had been insisting upon using a photographic solution that would have muddied a difficult book. However, through constructive conversation and early intervention with the client I was able to ensure that the cover was representative of the whole document and create the sense value that the client ha insisted was so crucial to convey to its readers.

Upon release the report has garnered praise for both its content and its visual appeal and this was down to both the courage of the client and a strong ethic in ensuring the correct solution was worked out for the brief.

#GraphicDesign The art of folding

Above are two distinctively different event leaflets both using paper engineering and simple illustrations to promote a series of seminars, lectures, presentations and performances including the ArtSpace Festival. Although complex, in the depth of copy required, the paper engineering and visuals allowed the information to be segmented into sensible bitesize chunks and produce a highly usable document.

#GraphicDesign Puzzling marketing

As part of a full lifecycle marketing campaign a ‘puzzles calendar’ was created for Marsdens Solicitors in Lancashire. Each puzzle for the month was linked to puzzles in local press and all bound together under a concept of ‘Thinking Clearly’. The puzzles were sourced from a variety of places and included several written by the designer. The calendar itself was produced as 12 inserts inside a CD style case and sent out to clients towards the end of the year.

#Illustration The Court

As a thank you to the Development Team a series of commemorative visuals were requested aimed at identifying various personalities and relationships within the team. This set of visuals placed each member in a part of a fictional Royal Court and the crests have come to proudly represent each member of the team. The finalised artwork was produced and presented to the team at the end of 2013.

#Photography The Alternative London Landscape

An alternative view of London

London is very much my home and over the past few years I have shot several thousand photographs of my city attempting to capture a slightly different side to it. On my ‘photographs’ page you will find a small selection of the images available https://ultraboycreates.wordpress.com/photographs and over the next few months I shall be adding more appropriate images and try to showcase to you something a little different about my city